5 Steps to Establishing an Insurance Lead Marketing Plan

Insurance Marketing PlanDo you have an insurance lead marketing plan in place? In other words, do you have a strategy for generating leads on a regular basis? If you don’t know the first thing about your marketing plan, it is safe to say that you are missing out on quite a few opportunities. It is essential to create, organize, and manage a marketing strategy that you are comfortable with.

Here are five steps for settling on a marketing plan that can lead to big time results in the future:

1. Know what has worked for you in the past. Just because you are going to implement some new strategies, such as social media marketing, does not mean that you should completely forget about what you have done in the past. You should always rely heavily on what has turned you into a success at this point in your career.

2. What are others doing that you are missing out on? This is not to say that you should follow the crowd and copy the strategy of another agent. That being said, you can learn a thing or two by taking a closer look at the competition. For example, you may not be purchasing insurance leads online whereas other agents are spending a lot of time and money on this.

Spend some time researching other agents in your area as a means of learning more about their marketing plan. You may be surprised at what you find.

3. Experiment with each and every strategy. No matter what type of insurance you are selling or how much success you have had in the past, you should always be looking for new strategies that can help you make even more sales in the future.

Maybe you have been putting off creating a social media campaign. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to experiment in hopes of finding something new that can increase your sales and profits.

Simply put, you never know if something will work until you give it a try. Even if you fail miserably, you have gained valuable knowledge through the experience.

4. Focus on what you are most comfortable with. After you consider all your options, you need to settle on a strategy that best suits your business and how you like to market your services.

Some agents have no problems cold calling prospects. Others would rather buy leads in bulk in hopes of saving time and making quick sales.

It does not matter what you settle on, as long as you are comfortable with your marketing plan and confident that it will pay off for you in the long run.

5. Be ready to adjust and make changes from time to time. Despite the fact that you want to focus on what you are most comfortable with, there are going to be times when you need to make adjustments on the spot.

You never know when a basic adjustment could take your sales to the next level. Don’t become so comfortable with your marketing strategy that you never think about making changes.

When you follow these five steps, you will find yourself in position to create an insurance lead marketing plan that you are comfortable with.

If you find yourself running into issues along the way, ask yourself these three questions:

  • Which marketing methods have I had the most success with in the past?
  • Is there anything I can add to my current strategy that will lead to immediate results?
  • Am I comfortable making changes on the spot to improve my chance of success?

If nothing else, you must recognize the importance of settling on a marketing plan as soon as possible. This will go a long way in ensuring that you are comfortable with your strategy as well as the direction in which you are headed.

How do you feel about your marketing plan? Have you settled on something that works?

This video has some good advice to support what we’ve discussed here:

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