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InsureMe Agents Review

Primary Features

  • High Closing Ratios
  • Detailed Leads
  • 700+ Filters
  • Pay As You Go
  • Value Rates
  • Agent Connection

Leads Offered

  • Auto
  • Health
  • Home
  • Life
  • LTC
InsureMe is Now Part of ALLWEBLEADS

InsureMe for Agents is another one of the the newer players in the insurance lead game that has quickly risen to the top. InsureMe offers the right mix of features and service that would be expected of a top tier lead provider but also has some great tools that set them apart. One of those tools is their Agent Connection system which is an "always on" web application that allows realtime lead delivery faster than email. This system allows the agent to quickly view a lead summary and even organize, tag and prioritize leads.

InsureMe has gotten rave reviews from agents and agencies alike over the past 5 years. Agents that purchase leads from InsureMe can expect very high quality detailed leads thanks to a rigorous quote application form that not only gets rid of tire kickers but also ensures the leads come from people that are close to if not already in "buy" mode. InsureMe offers value pricing typically ranging from $5-15/lead and doesn't not oversell leads or sell leads to more than one person per company. In fact on average an InsureMe lead is only sold to 3 agents.

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