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Expectations When Buying Internet Insurance Leads

This page has been created to serve as an expectation primer for any new agent looking to acquire online leads.

Buying insurance leads online is a very love / hate relationship with many insurance agents. It is a game of numbers and not all services are going to be the right fit. The primary reason for this is the lead sources a given service might use and it's relative strength for the agent's lead type and geographical requirements. Even the best lead services are not a good fit for every territory and lead type. To take it a step farther there is a good chance that any given lead service will not be effective regardless of overall quality.

So why are lead services popular and why do so many agents use them? There is a very good reason. When an agent finds a good source of leads that converts in their territory it is simply gold. Online leads are easy to acquire and if they convert well they can become a nice policy supplement or even the primary source of new policy generation with 0 time spent prospecting. We get asked why many of our top picks don't have any customer testimonials. The answer to that is very simple. When most agents find an online lead source that converts in their area they keep it to themselves. The last thing they want to do it broadcast their source to the competition.

The key to success is trial and error. Each service has it's own strengths and markets. It is a bit of work to test out all the top services but finding the right fit makes all the effort worthwhile. Due to the competitive market, agents have the option to test out a variety of lead services that offer free trial leads or free matching leads. This allows the agent to get a nice sample of what the service has to offer with minimal out of pocket expenses. At the same time don't overlook services without free offers. There is a reason they are able to stay competitive without them.


Insurance Lead Services - Our Top Picks

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